Missionaries to America

David and Jackie Beaulieu are seasoned ministers that currently serve as staff members of "Christ in Action"(CIA) a faith-based disaster relief organization that deploys to bring aide, and hope to Americ'as families. David is the assistant to the Director of CIA, a counselor, a recovery team leader, a certified marriage ministry specialist and the all around fix-it guy. Jackie is a certified marriage specialist and one of the main counselors for CIA's Hope Marriage Center Hotlne. She also leads worship , works in the office and serves in a host of depolyment positions. You can find out more about the work of CIA at www.christinaction.com

David and Jackie can do what they do through the enablement of God and the faithfull support of their ministry partners. You can donate to this ministry by going HERE. Then use the dropdown menu to designate your support.

You can also check out their blog that deals wit relational and preparedness issues at www.goldposts.wordpress .com


David and Jackie Beaulieu